limit ep500pro ac draw for generator charging?

Is there a way to limit the amount of ac draw on the ep500pro machines? It wants to charge at 1500-1600 watts but that trips my generator. Can I limit the draw to 1000 watts?

Yes: Settings - Next - Max Grid Input Current (last line) Click on number - Basic Mode - Set it on your prefered Amps.
With User Defind you can set every value.
I have set it to 3 A , enough to slow charge the 500 Pro from the grid.

Experiences of EV drivers have shown that slow charging is better for a battery than fast charging.

It is the reason for my purchase: The campsite goes back with the Amps from 10A to 6A max. , with the 500 Pro we have 13A / 230VAC


Hi @camaroncito

Like @JanNL_FR already mentioned, you can limit the Amps that are drawn from the grid.

The lowest value you can set is 1A, Standard (atleast for 230V) is 10A and with a special code from the forum admin you can set it even higher.

The only thing that you cant set is every other than full numbers.

For example:

You can set 1A but cant set 1.5A

Hope this helped



thanks! one of my ep500pro machines lets me select basic mode and reduce the amp to 10, which seems to solve the tripping problem. my generator claims to provide 9000 watts but reality is closer to 1200. the other three machines are asking for a security code to enter. will ask for that now from admin.

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