LFP Battery Explosion

I often hear LFP LiFePO4 battery’s are inherently save unlike li-ion/li-po and can’t burn or explod…


I tryed to open that post - without success - unfortunately it was not activated.

“A few days ago a Lifepo battery storage device exploded in Germany. The house was completely destroyed. No fire broke out. Gases from cell chemistry emerged and exploded. This is the same cell type that Bluetti uses and in the product descriptions they describe the battery as safe, non-flammable and non-explosive.
I would be interested to know what Bluetti’s position on this is, what safety precautions there are in the device and on the battery cells so that you can make this statement.
There may be certain things in the operation of our devices that can prevent such an accident. Bluetti may also be able to say something about the security tests that have been carried out, etc. In my opinion, this discussion is also important for Bluette in order to ensure and expand the high level of trust in their products.
And it gives us users an additional feeling of security.


Regarding this news, as a new energy company integrating research and development with production, BLUETTI needs to clarify a few points:

  1. The company involved in the explosion news has nothing to do with BLUETTI.
  2. BLUETTI’s products are completely different from this company’s products. They use third-party inverters, while we have our own solar energy storage inverters and self-developed battery packs with redundant control functions, which have fundamental differences in product form.
  3. BLUTTI’s entire system is self-developed, so there is no problem with third-party matching, and the safety and reliability are guaranteed. We have also obtained a series of international certifications.

Considering that this news may be misleading and avoid bringing unnecessary impact to BLUETTI brand, I will close the post for processing.