Left AC200MAX charging and it melted the plug

Left my AC200MAX charging over night, when I checked the unit the next morning the plug from the AC adapter had melted in the unit. Reached out to support to see if this is covered under warranty, still haven’t heard back from them.

Hi @gmen50 , Based on this situation, you need to contact support to return the machine and adapter. Also check the machine and adapter barcode (SN code) and inform the support department of the usage conditions

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Assuming the unit was charging normally, I would think the plug and socket were not fitting tightly or not fully plugged in. This can cause resistance which will heat up connections. Could be an undersize plug on the adapter brick.

Right, this company support is the worse. Sent an email no response. You call, mailbox is full.

Hi @gmen50 , sorry for inconvenience caused. Support will respond to your emails, but the mailbox have been overloaded lately. The response time may not be timely. What is the email address you used to send your letter to our support department? And your order number. We will use this information to check with support to prioritize your issue.

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Had this same condition but did not melt completely. Using this type of plug for that high of watts is not the best option. The plug would not make good contact and would heat up but not to the extent of your unit. Did contact the company and they did replace the entire unit but it did take some time as I had to send the original unit back before they sent a new unit out but it did finally work out.