LED screen doesn't update battery percentage

So, twice now…after using the wall charger power pack, the percentage freezes. Twice we have panicked that our system is struggling to charge. It was only taking in a tiny fraction of wattage from the solar panels and a tiny fraction of wattage from the wall power while not increasing in battery percentage. We have had this system since the beginning of April and have used it daily. The first time it updated on its own when we had put it back in the van and hooked everything up after a bit, the second time we panicked much more cuz it was already in the vehicle charging from shore power and solar and stuck at 60% with a trickle. Eventually upset we shut the system off and left it off while we hit interstate for a good hour and a half before turning it back on to see if it would work. Thankfully it updated and said 100%, but it was scary!! I was honestly thinking it would slowly die and then never take a charge again. Does anyone have a better contact for customer service when we have tech questions???

@Trinah85 thanks for sharing this Trina! I would def reach out to their service team and see what they think. Make sure you come back and let us know what they say as I’m interested as well!


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My problem is no one answers. I’ve left a number of phone messages and am attempting to get video to send to via email…will update when I can.

@Trinah85 Hi there,

Sorry for the problem and inconvenience.
Could you please provide a video showing the problem? Please don’t worry, our team will try our best to solve the problems and provide you a better solution.

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Had the same issue with support, emails and phone calls go unanswered it’s horrible service so far for such an expensive piece of equipment. Myself and others have the same issue with this battery, the display will either freeze while charging then suddenly jump to 100% at some point or just freeze at some % of charge. It has been recommended to charge your battery using the wall charger - let it run down to 0 then wall charge it back to 100%, theory was whatever causes the display to get out of synch this should “reset” and fix the issue. Hope this works for you.

Hi there,

I would like to apologize for the problem.
We sincerely value you as our important customer, and your product experience is vital to us. So if you don’t mind, could you please provide us a video showing the problem? Please rest assured that if this unit is faulty, we will arrange a replacement and send it to you immediately. Again, we feel sorry for the inconvenience.

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