LED light strips 12v


I’m a bit new to the LED world. Basically, I want to know if these LED light strips could be connected directly to the Bluetti AC200P’s DC 12v / 3a barrel plugs (or other DC solution), without using a power brick.

(Govee RGBIC Strip Lights - Color-Changing Lights – EU-GOVEE)

The lights are 12V 18W x 2, so 36W in total - the same as the barrel plugs to my understanding. However, Govee is saying that the power brick should be used, so I’m a bit confused if the DC direct connection is going to kill the LED strip?

I want to avoid using AC as it is draining the battery too much. Does anybody have experience or advice on how to approach this in the best possible way, using DC only?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

You should be able to use these connected direct to the 12 VDC but no way of being certain without trying. In any case, you won’t see much difference running them from the DC ports vs the AC sockets and adapter as the AC200 will consume power with no load attached to either the regulated 12 VDC or the AC. The AC200 consumes power being on which will contribute to how long you can run these lights as the power consumption from being on will be a decent portion of the total load if only running these lights.

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Thank you for the input Scott, I will go ahead and try it once I receive the lights and will post an update here.