LED Light doesn’t turn on

Just received my EB3A, charged it to 100 percent tried to turn on the LED light but it didn’t work. Is it defective or because I’m new to all of this, did I miss doing something? Excited to be part of the forum.

On mine I have to activate the DC Output before trying to switch on the light. It’s a strange design.

Thank you never die and hey, I clicked the DC output button and it still didn’t light. Then I tried holding the AC button down for 5/6 seconds. Then I tried both buttons at the same time…no cigar. Do you think its defective or am I hopelessly inept at figuring this out.

THanks, Hey, that didn’t work either. Plus I can’t anything to charge. Not a lamp not my phone plugged in. What in the world am I doing wrong. Nothing charges.

@Joanremainfearless , May I ask which light you are referring to can not be opened?

If it is AC, DC lights do not light up, the machine is not able to discharge.
Also, Can you upgrade the latest firmware, and then restart the machine to try?

Thank you for responding. It is button #10. No matter what I do it doesn’t light. Is there any way to upload firmware other than using app?

@Joanremainfearless , Is everything else (charging/discharging) working properly except the LED is not lighting up?
If it’s normal, then it should be the LED light broken, you can use it normally if you don’t mind. If still not satisfied, please contact our support department for further solutions. Thank you very much.