Leaving AC200P in cold temps

I live in Denver and am using the AC200) in my van. Is it ok to
leave it in the cold van all winter? We will be using it several times
a month.

Thank you

The AC200p had LiFePO4 batteries. These batteries can be stored at sub zero temp and discharged at sub zero temp (down to -20C). But must never be charged when below 0C, or permanent damage will occur. Many BMS, including the AC200p have low temp charge protection but you don’t want to chance it in case the cells are colder than the sensor.

The AC200p manual states storage temp down to -10C with working temp from 0-45C. Low temp charge protection is present.

I would say try to keep the battery where water doesn’t freeze for storage or charging, but don’t worry about discharging it when colder.


Thank you snowstorm.

Yea @snowstorm is totally right and as I live in Michigan, I too use the water bottle trick to help keep my units safe in cold temps. Cheap and easy to do!! :metal:

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What water bottle trick?
My AC200P is in an RV and the 2 gallons of water in the chicken drinker is not frozen.
But the unit is not charging on this bright day at 20F.


What can I do? Plug it’s own little heater into it to keep it warm so that it will charge?
I read that it works in -20. I thought that meant it will run, and charge.
Frustrated to find out it wil only discharge, but am willing to look at some sort of solution.


You can use it when it is 20F, just don’t charge it when the unit itself is 20F. If it is kept in a place where things are not frozen (say in your RV, garage etc…), then you can safely charge it. But if things are freezing and there is frost next to it, then don’t try to charge it.

Not sure what the water bottle trick is… put a water bottle next to it to check it if is frozen?

Yeah— I would love to charge it. The water in the chicken drinker in the trailer/RV-converted to coop- was not frozen. BUt the Bluetti would not charge. Sunny day, 20F. I’m at a loss. I was relying on it to keep the chicken water from freezing this winter when it gets really cold.
Back to square one.

To clarify I would love to charge it with the sun.

If it doesn’t charge when it is too cold, the BMS is doing its job. This is not a bluetti issue, all Li-Ion batteries are like that.