Leaving AC200MAX on the AC charger?

I have temporarily installed my AC200MAX in my boat, with its 30A 12V DC outlet wired to my house bank distribution blocks.

I’m working on the boat more than I’m actually using it, and the only thing that is wired to the house bank when I’m off the boat is the bilge pump. The bilge pump normally draws zero amps, the bilge float switch is purely mechanical, there are no parasitic loads.

But if I ever get enough water in the bilge to trigger the pump it’s fairly important to me that the pump has power.

My problem is that the Bluetti has significant parasitic loads. I left the boat for three days and came back to find the AC200MAX was down to 31%.

I’m currently charging it up, using the Bluetti 120V AC charger, plugged into the shore power pedestal (30A 120V AC), and by my calculations it’s going to take 4+ hours to completely charge.

I’m going to leave it and grab some dinner, then check on it in a few hours.

But I was wondering what issues I would encounter if I just left the charger running permanently.


Your battery life may be affected somewhat by constantly charging. Have you considered attaching a solar panel to your setup to keep the battery topped off with a small current charge?

How would a constant charge from a solar panel be any different than a constant charge from the AC charger?

Does the internal BMS not recognize that the battery is fully charged, so as to stop accepting current?

AC adapter will stop charging AC200Max automatically after it is fully charged, and you need to unplug the adapter charging cable again to recharge it.
PV charging will continue to charge until it is fully charged, and will recharge once the power drops, without the need to unplug the charging cable again.

If I’m understanding you, the AC charger will not work for unattended use, but PV will.