Lead-Acid battery charging and Lithium battery

Is it possible to utilize a Lithium battery instead of the lead-acid battery when using the Charging Clamp accessory?

Yes, you can you any source as long as the voltage requirements are met

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I did get a response from Bluetti and is below;

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If you want to charge our AC200/AC200P/AC200Max/EP500Pro/AC300 power stations with battery, it should be Lead acid battery. And you need to purchase the lead-acid battery charging cable. Also, it should be noticed that your battery should be 12/24V.

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Not sure why it would have to be a lead-acid battery.

Yes, but a 12 VDC litium battery is quite expensive because it must have its own integrated BMS to prevent overcharging (and possible damage), overdischarging, and heat damage. Lead-acid cells are over 150 years old and are well established. This is why even new electric cars from all vendors still use a lead-acid 12 VDC battery.

I am experimenting with both lithium-ion (4.2 V) and lithium iron phosphate (3.2 V) cells with BMS to replace my 12 V lead-acid battery in my Ford Fusion Hybrid. Thr LFP cells are better but more expensive now, yet I expect to see them as an option for all cars by 2030 or sooner.

Doesn’t have to be a lead acid battery