Lasting 2kW AC output vs unit / battery health

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AC200 Max is so powerful that apart from obvious low-consumption devices like routers and notebooks, it easily allows to work our fridge and even washing machine. So it’s a typical thing for us in sunny days to have a nearly 900W PV input and 2kW AC output (when the washing machine consuming power to get it done). From the battery and unit health perspective, is it normal to have such loading for 40 minutes with all those cooling fans activated?

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Hi @sunhouse

the Unit is designed for heavy workload. A washing machine dont have permanent 2000W Output. Its only when the heating is kick in.

As long the unit stays in a well ventilated area and not in a closed wardrobe, this should be fine for your unit.

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Clear enough, thank you @Selfmadestrom .
Your response made me even calmer with regards to such hard-use scenarios of the unit.
As for the ventilated area, good point. Now IT IS because of easy weather in Ukraine I can keep the unit in the locked room with opened window, but once winter will hit the door I’ll have to come up with something.

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Actually, an inverter has an optimum efficiency somewhere between 80 and 95% of its design capacity. Like @Selfmadestrom says, these are workhorses designed to deliver constant, high output.

As per spec sheet, 40°C is the maximum recommended temperature. Kind reminder, the LiFePO4 chemistry ages faster above that threshold. Direct sunlight (indoors or behind a window) or keeping it in a car / camper exposed to sun is probably the scenario where you should be careful. And, oh, vibrations. If using that unit in a laundry room, don’t leave the unit on the washing machine… vibrations are bad for a working inverter. And humidity in those rooms should be kept in check too.

But regarding the heavy workload… go for it, the unit’s designed for that :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Derceto for the great input. It looks that my room where the unit works meet all the conditions.
Except maybe dust. I feel there is way too much dust in my “boiler room”.

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Good oportunity for spring cleaning :sunflower:
And… your airways will probably thank you too :blue_heart:

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