Lack of features in EB3A App

Received my EB3A last week and so far very happy with the unit. However the app is sorely lacking.

1 - Bluetooth connection drops after being just a few feet away from the device. Maybe we need WiFi?
2 - To be useful, the app needs to display the remaining time to charge and remaining time when discharging.

The information on the device display is great and the items above in number 2 need to be available in the app as well.

Hopefully this can be addressed soon, at this point the app is all but useless to me.



@adm2023 Your request and suggestions have been received. I have submitted it to the relevant department.

Hello, adm2023, you just provided a very good sugguestion about the UX improving! :+1:

Yes, vote for it!!! Please, add second requested feature also to AC200Max! All the other vendor batteries has this very convinient feature, even the cheapest. I was very surprised when I found that display and application has no remaining charge/discharge time (in according to power consumption/delivery). I have to calculate it manually each time.

Completely agree with the suggestions, would be nice to be able to see charging time and discharging time left on the app.

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