KWH on New EB3A

Just received a new EB3A

Fully Charged it and connected a 40w fan.

It ran for 4 hours and 23 minutes with a total KWH of only 168.

Any ideas as to why it is not performing up to par ?

40w for 4.5hr would be 180wh, a little on the low side but not totally crazy.You should expect about 268wh X 80% efficiency so about 215wh or so. Now, the unit itself takes some power to turn on, power the electronics, Bluetooth etc… so that’s about 5-6w. So you would have used a total of around 205wh in 4.5hr. Which is only a little lower than expected.

Try cycling it once’s again and see what you get. Sometimes it takes a full charge to calibrate the gauge.

My first thought would be that the fan in not consuming 40 watts. If you are going by the display screen, it is an estimate and not highly accurate. Unless you have the fan connected through an external power recording device the calculations estimated are just that, an estimated ball park figure. (by the way, the measurement you are looking at is watt hours, not KWH which is increments of 1,000 watt hours) If I were in your shoes, I would do two things…(1) completely charge and discharge the unit a few times and re-run the same test, (2) perform a capacity test with an item than draws around 200 to 400 watts per hour and compare the results with the low power draw fan.