Kudos to Bluetti customer service

I thought I’d share this positive experience, since usually people only bother to share when they’re frustrated. I bought an AC200MAX a couple of years ago, and I never used it with solar input until recently. When I did, I found that the State of Charge was fluctuating erratically and it had an extremely high power drain, so even on sunny days (with 400 watts of panels connected), it was losing charge most days (with negligible loads).

After trying the recalibration procedure and some other helpful suggestions by Bluetti customer service, I came to the conclusion that the BMS (Battery Management System) had some issues, being an older unit with older BMS version. I tried updating the BMS firmware to the latest, but it couldn’t get the newest (current) version, I believe due to the BMS hardware being an older iteration that could not work with the latest BMS firmware.

The only way to get the latest BMS version was to exchange the unit for a new one, and Bluetti customer service was very cordial and helpful by readily arranging the exchange, free of charge for me. I could see many companies not honoring such an exchange under the warranty, as the unit was still “working”, just not working as well as I would expect. Kudos to customer support for helping me with this without trouble, and being very friendly and helpful and patient throughout the process.

They did accidentally send me an incorrect replacement unit initially, but immediately apologized and replaced it again with a brand new unit. I ended up with what I was looking for, a new unit with an up-to-date BMS, at no additional cost to me. A big thanks to Bluetti customer service for handling this whole thing so well for me.

-Ben B.


Hi @bristoll

Thanks for sharing your experience with the Bluetti Customer Service!

Im pretty sure they are thankful for you kind words.



@bristoll Thank you for your continuous support and trust. We will do better with your appreciation. The development of BLUETTI has become even better because of you. :heart: :heart:


Earlier this week I reached out to Elaine at Bluetti Australia regarding the possibility of expediting the shipping of my recent two orders, needed for business activities which she arranged promptly.

Like dealing with many organisation, some may have read postings from me where I have been less than complimentary regarding some aspects of Bluetti’s customer service with issues that I have had.

However, for every issue I have had there have also been many positive experiences and outcomes, so I would like to take this opportunity to say publicly thankyou to Bluetti Customer Service Australia for their support and please continue to grow and support your customers with this great service.

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Cool man. It’s reassuring to read. It’s also good to see how much the brand is involved in the forum. Kind of new to me, but seems cool. I’ll definitively purchase sth for Xmas!

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It’s great to also see that the brand is involved, and is interacting with its community in public spaces. I’ve recently had terrible experiences with competing EU industry leaders… so yes, there Bluetti seems to have bright days ahead! Solar storage is booming in the EU space, and recurring complaints are: sub-standard after market followup, abusive warranty voiding and no customer first mindset.
I think I’ll soon become part of the happy owners :slight_smile:

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