Kickstarter Order Shipping Cost

Shipping Bill?
I have a Fed-Ex freight shipping bill for $77 to Denver.
I probably missed it, but I don’t remember seeing anything about shipping costs.

I suppose that’s correct.

Hi David,

Thank you for contacting us.
Please email and my colleague will reply in 24 hours.

yea, they did respond.

Supposedly shipping to address should have been covered. I’ll have to call Fed-Ex and ask.
Perhaps it was the need for a lift gate (which doesn’t seem optional), or cause I asked him to roll it into the garage (which I helped him do).

I think it’s for “LIFTGATE DELIVERY-COLL”.
Geez → what were they planning? Just throw it out the back of the truck.
Maybe if I had shipped it to a location with a loading dock.

Curious → Was anyone else charged ?

Just talked to Fed-Ex. Yep, a Lift Gate fee.
Sounds like the included shipping didn’t cover that.
How the heck did they expect to get the 200 lb package out of the truck?
Gravity ?

I am confident lift gate services are included in the “free delivery”. I asked specifically about lift gate services and wanted a solid answer before I committed fully to the project.

Besides emailing about this (did not receive an answer), I posted this question on the comment thread at Kickstarter back in May. Question and response:

Power Hungry
These units will be delivered to our homes. Can you tell us more about our free shipping? I imagine if lift gate service is required, this is included in the free shipping?
05/20/2021 1:07 pm

Hi there, We will choose Fedex’s truck service in the U.S, and if it is on a high floor. FedEx will charge us additional fees. You don’t need to pay for it.
05/22/2021 2:36 am

Thanks for the response.

BluEtti and I have been e-mailing back and forth. The English is a little rough, but I believe they did not intend for Fed-Ex to send me a bill.

I have not paid it yet and hopefully they will contact Fed-Ex and take care of it (Fed-Ex doesn’t care where the money comes from). I’m still waiting for a confirmation.

I’m surprised I’m the only one having this problem (not sure if it’s related to the “-CD” attached to my order number in the tracking spreadsheet.

When was your unit delivered? I got mine on October 4. Was your tracking number on the list Bluetti gave us?

Look over everything related to your tracking number online and see if anything looks unusual. I recall grilling FedEx before delivery when the delivery status on my unit changed to “Delivery Option Requested”. I did not want any additional services added to be billed to Bluetti or to me. She said none had been added. Apparently just the final scheduling of the delivery itself was responsible for that listing.

My “proof of delivery” on the FedEx website lists under “Special Handling” only “Residential Delivery”. I believe residential delivery should include a lift gate. They KNOW with residential delivery there will not be a delivery dock.

My tracking info had these entries when I clicked on “expand the history”:

Monday, October 4, 2021
At delivery Arrived at customer location for delivery
Out for delivery
At local facility

Thursday, September 30, 2021
Delivery option requested Appointment Date Oct 04, 2021 and Set
In transit


@David_L312 Hello David,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.
Please continue to contact my colleague. She will tell you what is it and how to deal with it. Thank you for reaching out and you are welcome to share your experience in our community.

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Thanks. Yes. You’re support via E-Mail has been great.

Bluetti confirmed there was some kind of shipping charge error and the bill is for the Lift-Gate fee. Bluetti contacted the warehouse and they are taking care of the charge.

Thanks, Again.


So glad you got this resolved! Fortunately, I did not have this issue (at least I haven’t seen any bills).

Hope you are continuing to enjoy your EP500!

Unfortunately this is still not resolved.

Every month I get another past due bill from Fed-Ex…
I contact Bluetti
Get a quick response → “So sorry, we’ll take care of it”

Next Month:
RINSE & REPEAT → I’m disappointed!

Well, Fed-Ex has stepped it up to a threatening collection notice.

With blu-etti just responding “we contacted the warehouse and told them to take care of it”.

Yea, this is working just great.

Hi @David_L312,

Sorry for the convenience.
Please don’t hesitate to contact my colleague at

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Thanks, I have contacted them (for like the 5th time).

Not sure if another call to the ware house is going to do any good.

Okay, would you mind telling me your email address? I will ask my colleague to check it again.

Thanks. I just got a message that the bill has been paid.
Sorry I pushed this in the forum, but this has been going on for more then 2 months.

Re: EP500 Fed-Ex Shipping charge to Denver Colorado ?

GMail: Shopping/Inbox

To: David S Levin

Mon, Dec 27 at 2:34 AM

Hi David,

Oh… I am so sorry to bother you.

I just got the information from the warehouse that they have paid for it. Please kindly note that and accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience that caused you.

Kind Regards,


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Hi @David_L312,

Thank for your feedback.
It doesn’t matter. The most important is it has been solved and you won’t be bothered again.

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