Keeping the ac inverter on for long term power draw

i’m having an issue with my ac200p. i’m trying to power a dehumidifier for at least part of every day, while i am away for several weeks at a time. it draws about 400-600 watts while working, and often will drain the battery down to zero, whereupon the inverter shuts off. i have some PV panels hooked up to the ac200, so the unit will recharge the next day, but the inverter won’t turn back on and power the dehumidifier. when i arrive back, the the ac200 is 100% charged, there’s mold over everything, and when i turn on the ac inverter, the dehumidifier starts up. is there a way to allow or keep the AC inverter powering on when there’s battery available? thanks for any suggestions!

Unfortunately, it seems that’s the behaviour with that firmware version. Once the power output shuts off due to out of charge, it doesn’t turn them back one automatically when charged. I heard that the AC300 do turn back on though, so it may be something that can be addressed in a firmware upgrade.

You may want to adjust your ventilation or water situation if your area depend on a dehumidifier to keep free of mold.

The only thing that comes to mind is one of the newer modes (AC200Max) that comes with app control that you could remotely start the AC again. It would still be a manual process but could be done.

thanks Scott- I have an ac300 in the pipeline. will that have the same app control feature?

alternatively, maybe an electric timer would allow me to power it intermittently, maybe once a day for an hour or two, in the evening when it’s all charged up, preventing it from going to zero…

I have personally experienced where the AC300 turns on automatically (including the batteries) when I plug it into the power grid and it starts charging. Haven’t tested the same with the solar panels yet, but would assume it would be similar?

there is a note in the manual somewhere for the AC300 btw that you can’t turn it on/off via the app.

I think the OP is referring to being able to just turn on and off the AC outlet power while keeping the main unit on in the standby mode

Hi @chemosabe99,

Sorry for the inconvenience.
Yep, there is one more question. AC200P won’t recharge automatically if you always connecting it with solar panels. You need to disconnect and reconnect the cable, then it will start to recharge.

AC200MAX and AC300 can be controlled remotely by the app. If your unit is AC200MAX or AC300 and you connect the unit with the wall, then you can solve your problem.

actually, I keep the ac200 connected 24/7 to my panels and it recharges just fine even from zero. I don’t have to disconnect it. thanks