Keeping AC300 and B300 in garage

Would there be any issues keeping my AC300 and B300 in the garage - that is where my circuit breaker panel is located and I plan to install a transfer switch. It does not have climate control - I live in Florida, so freezing would not be an issue but in summer the temperature can get into the high 90s and it does get humid.

Thanks for any thoughts / guidance.

I live in SW Florida and would not want to expose one to the humidity as I think it would be detrimental to the metal contacts and other parts that could prematurely degrade

The Bluetti units can tolerate low humidity, but the AC300 needs ventilation as it has a ventilation fan built in to remove heat. My units are in a Rubbermaid plastic shack and have two added 120 AC fans (powered by the AC300) to extract heat.

In the AC300 user manual, section 13, page 38 , Bluetti posted this warning:
“Avoid exposing the unit to rain or wet environment, and direct sunlight (32-113 ℉ , 0-45℃ ), clean and dry environment is strongly
So, keep the units in the shade with free space around and they should last many years of service.