Keep the EB70 working to be ready in emergency situation

I just bought an EB70 and so far i am happy with it as it works for my Mobicool MB40 Compressor Fridge for nearly 24hours without recharging.

I don´t camp very often and i think i would not need it very often in my house, but better have it than not.

I thought about how i can use the powerstation, so i dont´t need to charge it to 50% every year to have it ready in an emergency situation and just “let it work”

I wondered, if i just can put it in my basement, charge it with some solar panels and drain it with the garden lights, that are always on at night. The Battery should not go to zero, because these are only led lights.

Is this a good / bad idea or just not necessary?


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@Chris1984 if it’s possible to use it, use it man! Haha that’s what these units are designed for. It’s def not going to hurt it by any means. :metal:

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@Chris1984 how best to run these lithium based batteries is worth doing research on imho. I think i read from the bluetti site or these forums that the official best practice if storing a solar-battery unit for a longtime without use is to charge it to no more than 80% and make sure it is fully off (not in standby) and in a place that is dry and not too hot.

In general all Lithium batteries (from mobile phones to EV’s to solar-battery packs like the Bluetti’s) work best when being used but not over stressed, so keeping them in the 20-80% charged state and when recharging, the slower the better (fast charging can degrade them more quickly).

So with that in mind i think the idea you propose sounds pretty good in relation to extending the longevity of your EB70.

If we assume that all Lithium-ion Iron Phosphate batteries are similar, then the Storage Procedure published by the reputable manufacturer Lithionics may be of interest.

I don’t think you have to charge and discharge it everyday for long term storage. I would recommend charging it to 70% and just letting it sit. Check it every couple of months and maybe top up the charge to 70% if there is any significant self discharge.

You don’t want it to sit at 100% for too long (hours ok, days not great, weeks bad). And you never want it to hit 0% ever.