Just Lovin’ My Bluetti Family ... 🥰

My Bluetti Family is growing; but, I was the FIRST BLUE member! My name is MISA … the family robot. Nice to meet you! :slightly_smiling_face:

A few months ago, my brother Ace (nickname AC200) joined us.


And, just several days, ago; Baby Blue (nickname A30) joined us, making us a threesome!

Yeah, you mess with one of us; you will end up dealing with all three of us … we are all hard to resist.

In fact, soon, there will be four of us … we are still waiting on Baby Blue’s twin, Pumpkin, to join us!

All of my siblings are always giving myself, and others, a CHARGE! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I can’t wait to see, greet, and welcome future Blue(tti) Members, to our family … so far, they have gone beyond my expectations!


I had to look up what MISA is. Interesting. Does it work well?

So far … I love it! I’m still testing it, etc. Oh, and if you know coding, and you’re a developer … you can add new programs, etc., and share with MISA Interactive Robot, and the MISA Community.

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