Just bought the ac30s

Got the green one thought it would be a nice change of pace, may still have to get a blue one to match the others though!


I got three of the AC30s yesterday as well. We have several relatives in Venezuela who experience power outages daily that last for several hours or more. There is no notice regarding when or where the power will go out and the climate there is very hot. We are sending the three AC30s to Venezuela to use for powering small fans and led lighting for use when no AC power is available.

The AC30 seemed perfect for this application due to the simplicity of design (great for low tech users) and the life cyle of the Lifepo4 batteries. Another great feature was the ability to take in up to 150 watts of solar power which is great for a small low cost unit. We are sending a few solar panels as well.

Thank you Bluetti and Mark Yue for offering this basic product that will enable our relatives to experience some short term relief in their country during its time of crisis. I will get some pics once the AC30s are in use but that will take several months to receive.


It is wonderful you have a solution (ac30) that can help your family in Venezuela. People going thru a lot there.

Thank you for the thoughts. Mark Yue was instrumental in assisting with this project and has my appreciation. Would not have happened without him.