Junction box for MC4

I Maybe I’m dense, but I’ve been unable to find a junction box to get the MC4 connection from the solar panels, through the wall into the house then plug into the Bluetti. What have others done for this? Pictures and/or part numbers would be very helpful.

Remove the MC4 cable connections from the cable and make a small hole in the desired location. Feed the cable through whatever method you have chosen for protection and then install new MC4 connectors on the end of the cable at the desired location.

I used these little fellows: serach for this at Amazon
You of course need a hole in the Wall nevertheless bit with Silicone fom the inside this is bugthight.

Thank you for that part number. It is most unfortunate that there doesn’t exist a proper junction or combiner box which has a circuit breaker and lightning suppressor for this application. Solar panels provide a large amount of electricity and can kill. It seems this is because these Solar Generators are designed as portable and NOT to be set in a permanent spot in the house. Just drilling a whole through the wall is a poor solution.

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