I've disconnected my panels whilst under load. Is there anything I can do?

I have had my ac200p unit for a month now and I thought I’d add to my 3 120w foldable bluetti panels. I bought 8 100w panels from aliexpress. Plugged one into the array I sequence and wow an extra boost in watts. I then unboxed another added that and no power. I then notice some writing on the xt90 connectors telling me not to disconnect. Doh. Whilst under load. Doh. Please can anyone assist?
I pulled it all apart and reconnected it slowly one panel at a time to try to isolate any individual weak links. No problems. All working fine. I feel a proper idiot and won’t make the ‘same’ mistake again. Phew. Any insights would still be useful!

turn the unit off by holding the button for five seconds and then re-start.


Thanks Scott and MRouts. Useful.