It's finally here! - PV200 prize from #BLUETTIWorldPuzzles campaign

Hey everyone!

today i received my PV200 unit which i get from the #BLUETTIWorldPuzzles campaign. What a wonderful piece of Solarpanel.

To everyone who is interested in this solarpanel, i want to talk about the features, materials and what to expect from power output

Here it is, in his full beauty!

So lets talk about about some technical details first:

  • It comes with MC4 connectors and a really long cable (~3m. Excellent for put 2 or more PV200 in series)
  • Weight is around 6,5 kg to 7 kg which sounds really heavy but its easy to carry with the blue handle
  • It’s monocrystalline with a really good efficiency of 23,4%
  • Internal it’s wired in paralell, so its good protected against powerloss with part time
  • VOC: 26,1V Max current: 9,7A

    Now we gonna talk about one of the important things when it comes to Solarpanels.

    How does it perform in a real world scenario?
  • So i do have some more Bluetti Powerstations and also some 3rd Party models. I test my PV200 with an EB55, which is a excellent pair. EB55 can take up to 200W Solarcharge. What i get on a sunny but not really optimal day is around 130W- 150W. In my opinion a great value.
  • Two of them in series are also great for models like EB150, EB180 or EB240. They can take up to 68V, max 500W.
  • If you have a really big unit like the EP500 or EP500Pro you can connect up to 5 of theese panels (150VOC)

How about other cool features?

  • You can set the right angle directly on the stands. Really unique and super nice to have
  • The Material this panel is made of is a kind of textile cloth. Feels super premium

Hope you enjoy the reading of this little showcase. Thanks again to the community, to vote for me in this contest!

If you have any question to this panel, just let me know in the comments and i try to do my best ;)



@Selfmadestrom Congratulations once again on winning the award! I appreciate your in-depth review of the PV200. :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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Congrats on your win!!

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