Issues with persistent UPS mode for EB3A device

Hello, team,
I have the following issue with the UPS mode for the EB3A device.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Put the device in UPS mode according to the instruction
  2. Disable the ECO mode according to the instruction
  3. When the AC electricity goes off and the device gets fully discharged wait until AC is back on

Expected behavior: device should back on, charge and provide power via 220V socket automatically
Current behavior: device is charging, but you need to press the AC button manually to enable the 220V socket

So the problem is - AC socket is not enabled automatically when AC power is back from outage and fully discharged device.

Please, let me know how to fix it, I need the device to work completely autonomously, even after it was fully discharged.

Hi @ameth , The AC on/off button can only be opened manually or in the APP, and will not start automatically. After opening the AC port until the battery is empty will always be open, even if you stop charging, AC will not be turned off.

Thank you for your answer.
Please clarify, is it possible to keep the port open even if the device is fully discharged.
I mean open it manually once, and then keep open forever, as it works on regular UPS?

i’m also would like to know


@ameth @soo simple answer would be no… If your AC wall power goes out, the unit switches to using the battery (UPS mode) almost instantaneously… but when the battery level goes to 0%, it shuts off the AC outputs. You then have to manually turn the outputs back on. This is the same for most all UPS devices… if theres not enough battery left to power the UPS/EB3A, theres not enough to engage the inverter/AC outlets. Hope this helps

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thanks for your answer

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Thanks for the answer, too.
Any chance it will be fixed in the latest firmware versions?
In my opinion, it is a big disadvantage of the product, I’d like to use it as the UPS, and have it fully autonomous, with no manual interruptions (as the regular lead-acid UPS do).

Stupid question: what happens if to jam the “AC” button in an always-on state?

This is not true, most UPS units are designed to restore power on the load when utility power restores after the UPS went through an extended power outage that depleted the batteries. As said here by APC/Schneider Electric. Worldwide leader in traditional UPS systems.

Remember that UPS systems are often used for server and network requirement and have to do their work without being actively managed by IT staff.

I’m working as system administrator myself and:

  • The user/sysadmin installs and configures the UPS as needed. All behavior when a power loss event occurs is preconfigured.
  • UPS keeps the load on during a power outage until the battery depletes.
  • UPS software may gracefully shuts down equipment when battery is almost empty.
  • When grid power resumes, power to load is automatically restored and battery begins to automatically recharge
  • Even if the battery is detected to be worn out, disconnected or otherwise bad, the UPS keeps the load powered by utility power and gives a warning light to allow staff to replace the bad battery for a new one.
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@TheQuickFox youre absolutely correct here, and that’s why I tried to give a simplified answer as “no” to his question. These portable power stations act more as a EPS then a UPS in this regard.