Issues w/ EB150 AC charger

Having problems w/ my AC charger for my EB150.
On charging up the unit (20% charge left), the charger watts would show 200 - 216 watts charging. This would be the status for about 45 min. Then the charge rate would drop to 80 watts for 30 minutes. After that the charge rate would drop to zero. The light on the charger would be blinking red & green. Doesn’t feel hot.
Anyone having similar issues?

Emailed Bluetti service for a replacement

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I personally don’t have a EB150 unit but see from the manual it says the included AC wall charger is 200w/42v… you said you were pulling over 200w when it first started charging?? That is odd right off the bat but as the unit can accept 16-60v & 500w, I don’t see it being a problem or an issue that might hurt the unit.

As for the variances of inputted charging wattage with time, it could be the internal mppt charge controller regulating the input based off of the chemistry of the LG Li-Ion battery cells that the EB150 has?? This is an example of the ideal charging profile for those cells I pulled offline…


I can’t confirm or not that this is what’s going on with your unit specifically, but ideally the charging current will drop as the battery gets closer to “full” to protect the longevity of the cells.

Does it have the same sort of pattern when you’re charging via solar??

I’ll be curious as to what @BLUETTI says so keep us posted.

I agree with your research about the charging curve being pulled back once the battery is reaching near full capacity. But for my unit it was doing this when there was only 1 or 2 bars on the battery meter.
If the same thing happens when I use PV, then I would suspect its the Solar generator. No issues there, so I believe its the AC charger.

To Bluetti’s credit, they’ve already reached out to me and have arranged to ship a new charger to me.

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The replacement charger came yesterday and working fine. Much Kudos goes to Bluetti (Helen) who took care of the issue for me.

In my experience, Bluetti has had some of the friendliest people and top notch customer service out of any company I’ve done business with.
Glad you got your issue sorted out.

How do i get in touch with this Bluetti YOU are speakin about?
I have been trying to get them to answer an email or phone me for two weeks.
Just checked my inbox and found the FIRST/only reply? Hears hoping it will repeat?

@old here you go.