Issues connecting B230 to EB200P

Hey all, so i am having issues connecting my B230 to EB200P. I followed the diagram on the site and have got the PD090D to XT90 cable coming out of the B230 and then going into the XT90 to aviation plug cable that came with the EB200P. But i get nothing. no charge from the B230 to the EB200P. Have tried both with the DC input set to PV and OTHERS in the menu on the EB.

The DC input of my EB200P def works. If i use the cig lighter to XT90 cable either coming out of the B230 cig port or my EB70 cig port. I get 100w. Also if i get the AC charger and use the DC7970 to XT90 adaptor going into the DC input then i get 400w

I also did check the pins of the XT90 coming out of the B230 with a multimeter and i got 41volts. So there is power there.

BTW the B230 is showing 3 of the charge level LEDs lit (60%) and the EB200P is at around 50%

Just wondering if anyone has any ideas. I feel like i must be missing something stupid.

Wrong place to connect, it should go into the solar connection. When you run external battery, you cannot use solar, only one connection.

Did you hold down the B230’s power button until it starts blinking? About 3-5 seconds on my B300. You can get a phantom voltage but no current with just a solid green light on the button.

Thanks heaps! That seems to of sorted it out. Im guessing by default the B230 is waiting for communication with the a main unit (AC200MAX) to tell it to give out power.

I just got my B230 to connect to my EB200. could someone post a link to the diagram mentioned above, I think I have all the right cables for this set up but I am a little unsure of how to plug it all in. Thanks in advance.

Here’s the “how to” video link from Bluetti. BATTERY EXPANSION for EB150 - YouTube

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Thanks eric, I was missing the P090D to DC7909 cable.


I don’t have the EB200 but I would assume its the same as my AC200P so you may want to get XT90 cable instead of the 7909. Here’s a link showing it going to the AC200P BATTERY EXPANSION for AC200P - YouTube which may be more relevant to you. But the 7909 will work fine with a XT90 to 7909 adapter if you have one.

Thanks Eric That is the set up I was looking.

Do you know if the B230 can be connected to the EB200 (NOT the EB200P). I didn’t even know about the EB200P until after I purchased the EB200, lol! I would love to connect the B230 to it, but I don’t want to waste my time/money if it is impossible. Any thoughts?

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