Issue with ac300 turning off

I’m having an issue with my AC300/B300 setup. My ac300 will only stay on while I have AC current turned on. The second I turn AC current off, the whole ac300 turns off. The only way I can power the system on is if I connect the ac300 via AC charging

@AllenEtti You mean the AC300 will be turned off or the screen is off? I suggest that you can restore the factory setting to test.

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The B300 will immediately shut down completely if there is no AC charging and if the AC inverter is turned off. The power button will not turn it back on and once it shuts down the only way to power it back on is to plug it back in with AC charging

I’ve tried resetting the settings back to factory in the settings menu and I’ve tried letting the battery die completely and then charging it via AC back to full charge and the issue persists

@AllenEtti When AC300+B300 is connected, it is normal for B300 to turn off if AC300 is turned off without any charging. I assume you mean you need to keep the AC output on, otherwise the AC300+B300 will be turned off, right?

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Could you post a video of what you are describing, specifically what steps you are doing when it shuts off?

The AC300 will shut down and become unable to use if I press the “AC” button on the touch screen and turn AC off. The only way to power the AC300 back on is if I connect the ac300 to AC charging. Once it boots back up and is on the second I disconnect the ac300 from AC charging the ac300 will immediately shut down and will not power back on unless I connect it back to AC charging. I can try to share a video of the issue. To my knowledge there is no damage to the battery and I’ve only had it a few months and this issue I’ve also been having a few months but it did start after I started to use it just doing basic stuff like charging off of my 2 solar panels and powering my cell phone, LED lights, a portable vacuum cleaner and a few other small things. I have never opened or messed with the bluetti physically I just couldn’t get it to work one day and so I tried to test if it would power on with AC charging whiling it did and I realized it will only stay on by itself If I have the AC inverter turned on

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@AllenEtti If like that, it is abnormal. Please check if there is a new firmware available, if yes, please update to the latest one. Also, please check the alarm history to see if there is an error code. The AC300 may need to be repaired.

No alarms seen and there’s no update available

@AllenEtti Thanks for your information. Please contact the after-support and ask for the warranty.