"Issue with AC200Max: Requires Daily PV Cable Reconnection for Optimal Charging"

Hello, I have been facing an issue with my AC200Max. Unless I unplug and replug the PV cable from the station, it doesn’t charge at the power level it’s supposed to. I’ve observed this issue for a while now, so I’m sure it’s not coincidental. When the cable is continuously plugged in, the station charges at a low rate, for example, 100 watts. But upon unplugging and replugging the PV cable, the charging rate jumps to, for example, 300 watts. This situation repeats daily, meaning I have to perform this reconnection every morning which is quite annoying. Could I please ask for some assistance?Best regards, Dariusz

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Are you saying you have panels plugged in overnight and when the sun shines again next morning, it would only charge at 100W until you unplug and replug it?
That should not be happening and seems like an issue with the MPPT or unusual panel setup.
What panels are you using?
Is there a way to check on the display the DC input current and voltage when it is only charging at 100W vs after you unplug and replug it?

Exactly as you are saying. Today I checked voltage before unplugged 19 v after ~100. I have guarantee for this. What should I do? I bought it month ago. My panels-Two panels connected in parallel: Max Power Voltage [Vmp]: 23.65 V Max Current [Imp]: 8.46 A Open Circuit Voltage [Voc]: 27.95 V Short Circuit Current [Isc]: 8.97 A and these in series with five panels: Max Power Voltage [Vmp]: 18.15 V Max Current [Imp]: 11.02 A Open Circuit Voltage [Voc]: 21.57 V Short Circuit Current [Isc]: 11.69 A. So max voc ~135 v

@Darek We have firmware (DSP4005.08) for you to test for this case. Please provide me with the SN and the firmware version of your AC200MAX then we will push it for you.

Thank You! serial 2309000095983 Firmware: 4005.07, 4008.05, 1017.03, 6037.05

@Darek Thank you for your information. The firmware will be pushed in 2 hours.

I can confirm I have the same issue

Serial: AC200M2243002170474
Arm: V4008.05
Dsp: v4005.07
Bms: V1017.03

Can I also get the update please?