Is there such thing as a Voltage Limiter

I have an AC500 that has a solar input limit of 150 Volts. Can I have an array of panels that exceeds 150V and use a device that would not allow the input to exceed 150V? In other words, is there a device that can be set at 150V that will keep the solar input from going over 150V?

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Same problem here, trying to add more solar panels without going over the 150V limit, as you can’t lower the panel Voc.

I did see some 405 watt commercial sized panels with a Voc of 37V, where 4 in series would equal 148 Voc, and at 1620 theoretical watts, that might just be the way to get 1500 watts one side of the ac500 inputs. They are pretty big, so there would be trucking costs added on. They are one of the few high wattage panels I see with a Voc below 40Volts. I find myself shopping by Voc instead of wattage.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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You should consider running your solar panels in a series-parallel configuration. I personally have a ac200max. Which has a 145 volt & 15 amp limit. I was running 5X 200 watt panels in series, the panels have a 28.1 OCV @ 8.55 amps. I was not regularly hitting the 920 Watt limit, more of a 750 watt max under continuous hot sun.

So i wanted to add more solar, in order to add a 6th panel and stay under the 145V limit, I wired them in 2 strings of 3. Each string is wired in series, the 2 strings are wired in parallel. I could add up to 2 more of these panels per string (10 panels, 2000 watt total). Making for a large over paneling while staying safely within spec. My amperage is a little over spec but that isn’t a safety issue, just less ultimate potential, which my 920 watt cap supersedes anyways. I suspect your amp limit is higher anyways.

There have been numerous posts on exceeding the solar voltage input limit and they state that it will damage your unit. I would rather not take a chance and even approach the limit.

There is a PV step down voltage module listed in the accessory portion of the Bluetti site that reduces incoming voltage to 120 volts.

Thanks for your recommendations. I also search for Voc first. Is it a problem going over the 1500 wattage limit of the AC500?

Thank you. I will check it out.

Yes, I have considered that wiring configuration and over- paneling. The AC500 has the Amperage limit at 15A. Thanks for your response.