Is there an unofficial alternative to the T200S AC Adapter?

I am planning to buy a B80 for my AC180 but I am concerned about the charging point of the B80. I can’t afford to buy the official T200 adapter (in my country the price is 3 times higher than on the official website), but is it possible to connect my 150W ASUS laptop charger to the B80 battery in the DC connector?
I know it is possible to charge from the car cigarette lighter, but it is only 100 watts, I want more.

Hi @design

Whats really important here is that both of the AC Adapters deliever the same amount of voltage. I doubt they do.

And there is also one thing that ASUS Adapter dont have. The Adapters from Bluetti have a relay. When they done charging, it switching over and the battery dont get charged anymore.

I wouldnt try it, worst case is that your battery is unusable, explode or have any other kind of damage and its not covered by any warranty.


Maybe i can use another charger? Macbook 150w for example? Or can you advise something? I Realy dont want to pay a 300$ for just a charger

Its really a lot of money for a charger, but i just wouldnt risk to damage your bluetti unit, that could end much more expensive.

Maybe you have luck on find it used on ebay or something.