Is there a store where can purchase in person in the USA?

For such heavy items, I am leery of having the items shipped. Is there a Bluetti location where I can purchase something like the AC200 and pick it up in person? Is the Las Vegas location a retail outlet?

Not that I’m aware of.

There was a company that seems to have some kind of relationship w/ bluetti. I believe they have retail in USA. The box is like the AC200P or the Max but different port configuration (i actually like the layout better cause all AC plugs can be used,
The AC plugs stretch along the bottom instead of clustered in the upper right. I know there is a post about that company but forget the title. Might search site for AC200P knock off

The company I think you’re referring to is MillerTech. I purchased the EB200 from them about two weeks ago. So far support via the Amazon portal has been good and the tech even included his cell phone number for any future questions.

My EB200 (see above) came double boxed and arrived in excellent condition. I realize there are areas where the delivery services are staffed by persons with anger issues, so I can’t guarantee your experience will be the same.

Yep that was the company I was trying to recall.

So you order an AC200 from MillerTech via Amazon?

It’s an EB200 (very similar), the link to it is here. Good support experience so far. I’d rather call someone in Ohio than email someone in China.

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