Is there a need to cycle that ac200p when it first arrives?

When my ac200p arrived i only charged it 100% with the ac adapter and then tested a few appliances before putting it away for emergency use.

Is there any need to “break in” the battery? By that i mean discharge the battery to a certain % before charging it to full again?

Or will leaving it fully charged until i need it be fine?

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I leave mine charged at 100% although many others recommend storing the AC200 at a less than full charge of around 70% for maximum battery life. There is no battery “break in” per say but if I were you I would run a load from 100% to 0% and recharge to to verify everything is working correctly before relying on it for emergency use. If you connect it to your TV you can simply watch TV using the AC200 until battery depletion without wasting the power.


It’s hard to say not knowing the details of how a particular power station’s electronics are programed and how they measure and control things. Many manufacturers recommend doing a few complete 100% to 0% cycles when first receiving. I believe I’ve seen Mark Yue of Bluetti recommend this. Some companies even recommend doing it periodically. I think this has something more to do with calibrating the meter so the system can “learn” to display a more accurate SOC (state of charge) as it pertains to battery management and protection.


Every type and brand of unit I have ever bought, I tried functions right out of the box and then fully charged. After being fully charged, I test capacity of the unit by draining from 100% to 0% along with all other functions. Then I slow charge back to 100%. I am more concerned with the unit functioning correctly when I get a new model.