Is there a longer P150D cable available?

The setup I am using needs a longer set of P150D cables to get the final power run to the AC500 unit from my 4 B300S units. A cable 2x as long would be perfect. Are the P150D cables available in any other lengths? Are they available for sale?

Does anyone know what the plug is (name / manufacturer) or what gauge and type of cable is used?

That is an interesting need. If someone posts here the supplier of the P0150D connector, maybe we can get the P090D connector, too. Or even a 90 degree version to save space. The cable itself is special, with two large gage wires for the DC power and up to eight smaller wires for the special signals between the battery and the power station.

More cable options can only be a good thing.

I would love to see a 90 degree version to save space. This is a show stopper issue when trying to fit the AC500+B300S into tight spaces like RVs, equipment cabinets etc. and very likely impacting uptake of these units.

@Steve-mobile-user Sorry, there is only one size of P150D to P090D Cable for AC500. BLUETTI AC500 & B300S - Home Backup Power Station | Indiegogo
The developer said that if the cable is designed too long, it will affect the effectiveness of use.

Hi All,

To be clear, I am not looking for the adapter cable (P150D to P090D) I am asking about the P150D cable that comes with the B300s. I would assume more people could use the setup if the placement options were more diversified. I set of longer P150D cables, even just 6 feet (2 meters) would be really helpful. Or a one meter (3 foot) m-f extension cable?
Does anyone have a part number for the plug? Does anyone know what cable is being used (manufacture and/or part number)?

fwiw (and at the risk of derailing my request for a longer p150D cables) I do agee a 90 would be nice as well but that would cause other issues with looping the cable to the next device, unless the 90 were one left hand and one right hand