Is the EP600 going to have 240v?

Your ad talks about 240 volts for the EP600. is that for the EU version only? Will the US version have 240 volt also or do we need to buy 2 units and a fusion box?

Hi @hey , EP600 is only available in Europe for 230V. And it is not available in North America.

The U.S. wiring needs a third wire as a neutral, for 120 VAC power. The EU 240 VAC does not use a neutral, and it runs at 50 Hz, so you cannot use the EU version unless you change all your devices and appliances to use 240 VAC at 50 Hz.

If you will not use any 240 VAC appliances then you can run with only one EP600. But if you do, you must buy a second EP600 and the Fusion Box. I have two AC300s in split phase with four B300 batteries, and this setup is presently powering my home since we were hit by Hurricane Fiona and left without power for eight days, so I decided to go fully under the Bluetti setup, using PV and grid charging .

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