Is the box needed for warranty?

My B300 came in two cardboard boxes, and the writing on the inner one says: “Keep this box! Returns cannot be accepted without this box”.

If I’m not going to return the unit, as long as it continues working, but I’d like to preserve my right for the advertised “4-year hassle free warranty”, do I still need to keep this box, or can I throw it away? The box is huge and bulky, and I don’t have enough space to keep it for the whole four years.

I assume this “keep this box” rule applies only to returns within the first 14 days, and I can still get warranty repairs without this box if the unit starts malfunctioning, but I’d like to double-check that.

@elonmusk Based on this question, I asked our support team for you and they replied that they recommend keeping it.
The warranty is still 4 years, and if you need to return it for repair, without the original box you have to find the box and some foam sponge again by yourself, which is more troublesome. We suggest you fold the carton and put it away.

I find it’s a good idea to always keep the box for everything I buy, at least for awhile in case it needs to be returned, especially for expensive items. It’s bad enough having to return an item, but it’s even worse when you threw away the box and packaging, and have to find something suitable.
I try to “nest” boxes when ever possible, (box within a box within another box.)

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With EU law, they can’t deny you warranty because you don’t have the box. But these units are very heavy, shipping companies tend to be rough with parcels and the original packaging provide excellent protection.

It is YOUR responsibility to deliver the goods undamaged to the warranty repair location. If you intend to drive there yourself and hand it over, then you for example don’t need to keep the original packaging. If you throw away the packaging and still want to ship it via a parcel service, you will need to use a very strong box and heavy cushioning material on all sides. Like thick mattress foam.

I would love if Bluetti would offer on-site warranty. Either standard or as paid warranty upgrade. That would avoid any risk of transporting units back to Bluetti.

@elonmusk Yes, I always recommend saving the boxes. At least until the warranty runs out. This goes for not just my collection of bluetti equiptment, but all my major electronics. It just makes dealing with shipping alot easier IF something were to arrise. My wife hates that I have a “huge collection of boxes taking up soo much room”… hahaha but it is what it is.

@TheQuickFox and this is one thing that Bluetti is actively working on this year and moving forward, which is amazing! They already are having physical stores starting to pop up across the globe and there will be more coming in the future.
Chino, CA. USA ![bluetti chino|498x500](upload://gZsebs6xJQmkuRIXtnDMo109TDg.jpeg)
Munich, Germany ![bluetti munich|690x459](upload://xV2u6y8MW7vmgJzg2ENIpksGcas.jpeg)

Thanks for your replies!

To sum up, I understand that it’s OK to throw away the original box, as long as I find a suitable one and pack the device properly when it breaks (I hope it won’t happen :D).

I appreciate the advice to keep the original one, and I agree it’s best to keep it if you can, but I’d like to clarify that I live in Ukraine, and since the war started, I have to live in tiny rented apartments and move multiple times per year. I can’t just put the empty boxes into the garage or backyard or a spare room, I’m pretty limited on living space, and more importantly, when I have to move, all my belongings have to fit into my hatchback, and even one Bluetti box doesn’t fit into the trunk. That’s where my question comes from. I used to keep all my boxes too when I had place to put them.