Is the AC180 12V DC output protected from overload?

The AC180 specs says that the 12V DC output is up to 10A. What happens if I overload it? Does the AC180 detect this and turn off the DC output without a risk of failure, or do I need to add a fuse to the output by myself?

Bonus question: Can I limit the charge current if I use the shipped cigarette lighter charging cable?

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The machine has overload protection, which will automatically shut down without damaging the machine, so don’t worry.
There is no need to add a separate fuse.
Car charging will limit the current, up to 10 A.


That’s good to know.

I’d need some more precisions about this topic. Is overload protection resetable ? I mean if an overload is detected will the plug work again after resolving the issue or do I have to do some manipulation ?
Bonus question : If my device has an inrush current grater than 10A, and then works with 5A, will the overload protection be triggered or is it smart enough to detect that it’s an inrush current ?

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@Krypton4010 After overload, manual restart is required. The surge depends on the duration and specific current magnitude.