Is my AC200Max Defect

Hi Community. I had a horrible Experience on Halloween with my new AC200 Max

Since several month I run my fridge on a AC 200P off grid. I‘m charging with PV and sometimes from the grid. Usually in the evening I start from 100% or close to that.

In the morning I usually reach 30-38%.

Fridge was measured by me with different equipment to 60W and 90VA. AC200P usually shows 115W.

But in general The Iland works.

No I made an Upgrade to AC200Max with 1x B230. I thought that by this I have some more buffer and maybe can attach some more devices such as Wi-Fi Router, Network Swith.

So I simply unplugged AC200P and installed AC200 MAX +B230. Charged to 100% and … go.

First issue. AC 200 MAX shows power output of 155W. This is far away from 60 or 90. So I‘ was confused.

But ok. With 4000Wh:155W I still expected a runtime of 25h.

In the morning I was shocked. Already at 6 am when I was awake, System was off. It shut down somehow in the night after less than 12h.

I gave it a second try realizing that when I started B230 it was already 66% SOC.

After charging again to 100% second night was similar. Only 5% left at 6am.

Third night, without load but AC inverter on, nearly 50% loss in 12h. Does that mean the inverter consumes 166VA per hour? Is this serious?

And now the question, why does it work with AC200P?

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Hi there - if your Ac200 Max and B230 are new, you should calibrate the BMS in them. Try this: Discharge both down to 0% and then using your AC wall charger recharge both to 100% IMPORTANT: When recharging, do not stop the process until the AC charger light goes from red back to green - that way you know that you are 100% fully charged. Doing this process should calibrate your systems BMS. Good luck.

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Big thanks for this tip. I already gave it a try and at least it is now fully charging and discharging. But I still have the feeling that the power loss is too high. But I plugged in a small inverter on 12V Aviation Plug so for now I can run my fridge for a much longer time.

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Hi @HaRuther , Sorry for late reply and inconvenience caused to you.

There are the following questions to confirm with you.

  1. After you found AC200MAX off when you got up in the morning, what was the SOC displayed when you turned AC200Max back on?
  2. Was the B230 recognized by AC200max?

I have the BluettiAC200MAX. Last night I unplugged the AC plug-ins, I had 69% charge, I turned off the Generator, and it drained all 69% of my storage out overnight. shouldn’t the charge controller built into the unit kept that from happening? or… do I just have to dis-connect the panels before shutting it off and then reconnecting them in the morning?

Hi @TrumpsPlace , sorry for inconvenience.
We suggest you try the following first.
First discharge the machine to 0%, then charge it to 100% with the AC port. During this time it needs to be charged continuously, not disconnected, and not with a loaded device.

We suggest you try this first and then see if the AC200MAX still has this problem.
Thank you for your cooperation.

I had the panels unplugged from the generator last night and the charge was held. today, I’ll drain it down to zero and then charge it up with the AC adapter and see what happens when I turn it off tonight.

Same for me.

  • Charged to 100%

AC On and Panels Connected bot no load
—> Looses 8-10% per hour
—> Comparison: Ecoflow Delta Max (2% per hour)

AC Off and Panels Disconected
—> Looses 0,5% per hour

AC On and Panels Off
—> Looses approx 3% per hour

So against my original description, the biggest loss is caused by MPPT Charger being connected.
I‘m just thinking about a solid state relais in the PV string controlled by a timer to disconnect PV over night. Alternative would be to switch to another product. Not sure if EP500 has the same problem.