Is leaving DC on all the time heating my home from wireless pads?

I have a EP500PRO used as a UPS for my fridge so always plugged in to AC and I leave both AC and DC on 24/7.

I’ve noticed that the circles where the two wireless charging pads are on top of the EP500PRO are warmer than the plastic around them. Not hot but warm. (I don’t use the wireless pads often so this isn’t from use.)

I’m wondering whether that is just waste heat from the AC/batteries leaking through thinner plastic or if the wireless pads generate heat when not in use. I have a super sealed and insulated home so adding any unnecessary heat inside isn’t desirable in the summer.

(I don’t just turn off the DC system when not in use because the controls in the app are too close to the AC option and the text is too small and my wife has cognition issues from long Covid so I don’t want her to accidentally turn off the AC, and our fridge, through brain fog confusion. I’ll be putting in a separate request to add a lock function to lock AC on when in UPS mode.)

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@JayCharges After turning on DC, the wireless charger works, and it does get slightly heated up.

Thanks, that makes clear I should be turning DC off when not actively in use, but I need to be able to do that safely with no chance that AC will be turned off by mistake ever. (This is an issue for my wife for multiple reasons.)

I’ll post a question/suggestion about this in the Bluetti app section.

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The wireless charging pads on their own shouldn’t generate any significant heat just by being on without any device being charged wirelessly. What’s probably happening is that waste heat from the inverter and other electronic components lower in your EP500Pro is rising to the top of the device and heating up the wireless charging pad plastic. One way to test this is by turning off DC for a day or two and see if the temperature at the wireless pads changes at all.

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Can confirm that its a get like “Hand Warm” when just turned on. But its very minimal

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I ran some testing by checking the temperature at the wireless pads, and in between them which was actually slightly warmer than the pads themselves. I then turned the DC off and let it sit overnight. The pads, and the space between them, remained warm and seemed about the same temperature.
My conclusion is that in my case having the DC on or off makes no difference in the temperature of the top of my EP500PRO.


My Iphone SE stopped loading with an Error that the temperature was to hot :smiling_face_with_tear: just saying

Yes, that can happen. Wireless charging generates a lot of waste heat, even with Apple wireless chargers. Cable charging is always going to be more efficient.