Is it safe to have the DC Charging Enhancer (D050S) connected to my AC200MAX all the time?

My AC200MAX gets recharged everyday from two solar panels. I purchased a D050S to help the recharging of my AC200MAX and noticed clicking noises from my AC200MAX when the Sun was about to go down. I disconnected the D050S immediately and the clicking noise went away. It sounded like the AC200MAX was trying to switch states continuously every few minutes. What should I do? Thanks for any help… (PS. the D050S fed by a solar panel in combination with two other solar panels were working together to recharge the AC200MAX until it was 100% recharged and I started hearing the clicking noise at Sunset.)

I experience the same thing. It sounds like a relay clicking on and off.

I also have another D050S connected to my B230 external battery, and that does NOT make a noise…

So I was wondering the same thing…

Thanks for your reply. Do you leave the D050S connected to your AC200MAX when you hear the clicking or do you just use it to recharge the AC200MAX? I am trying to leave the D050S connected to my AC200MAX all the time and prevent any possible damage to my AC200MAX. Also do you have your other D050S connected to your B230 all the time? Thanks again (PS. I have two solar panels in series connected all the time to my Bluetti AC200MAX and it has working good everyday to recharge the AC200MAX. I just don’t want to mess it up by adding the D050S to it.)

Hi. Yes, i leave the D050S connected to both the AC200MAX and the B230 extrrnal battery all the time.

Its only the AC200MAX that makes the clicking noise.

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Yes I do have the same thing. I have no doubt it is safe. My only question is that, seeing as I want to have the unit for 10 years plus, is whether this switching on and off will eventually lead to a failure somewhere. With my max, the solar power for the D050S starts only above 16watts. So if it is below that, especially if it is between 0 and 1 it clicks on an off a lot at dawn and dusk or on dark days So I just remove the plug to avoid the clicking noises in that instance because in my mind, I wonder if it is causing some sort of wear to the switching circuits.

I am also worried about a future failure due to the relay on/off switching continuously at Sunset. I wished Bluetti would monitor their own forum and make a comment and/or make a design modification in the next version of AC200MAX. I didn’t noticed relay clicking (or at least wasn’t continuous) when I just had the solar panels feeding the PV input of the AC200MAX due to not enough Sun (e.g., Sunset, clouds). So, there must be a design difference between how power comes through the D050S input vs. PV input which wasn’t taken into account during the AC200MAX design, since there is no continuous relay clicking when attaching the 120-volt charger to the AC200MAX instead of D050S.

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The main area of being positive is that in the teardown video by Marco Reps on you tube for the AC200 Max it was obvious that the unit is well made with good components. I guess if the D050A is going to fail, we will see it on the forum first.

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