Is it possible to track how much solar I'm receiving each day?

I am using AC200MAx - absolutely delighted with it!!

The only downside thus far is I can’t find out how much solar I’m receiving each day. Is it possible to work this out - even if it’s a bit of a hack/lot of work I’m happy to do it!

I’m receiving solar via AC and via the mains adaptor. I’d like to know how much I’m getting through each.

My goal is to setup a spreadsheet showing daily / weekly / monthly solar on charts.

If it’s not currently possible - could it be considered for a future firmware update? It would make the AC200Max perfect !

No, but the EP500 tells you in the app.

I use two TP Link plugs, one on the input wall and one on the output AC. The TP-link plugs tell me the watts used and by subtracting the output AC from the wall AC you get the PV net power.

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I have purchased a Sense Home Energy Monitor with solar monitoring that I will use.|Search|Brand|BMM&utm_term=sense%20home%20energy%20monitor&utm_content=&gclid=Cj0KCQiAyMKbBhD1ARIsANs7rEGvQlqDkOWu2Vkre0iPL4_2yN_QOsbNTIhdRwUPmENOrDyoLeTHXvAaAjmnEALw_wcB


Hi jtapparo,

how you can Monitor DC Input information from PV panals with this tool? I thought is only for AC Monitoring.

can you provide me more information, please?


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For DC input informations from PV Modules I use a : KETOTEK

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KETOTEK Amperemeter Voltmeter

It works, but is only stationary…

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Hello @Gherghe , this system will measure the AC feed into your panel from your solar system. Sorry, not DC.

Update…my solution works ok but would be nice to know how much the panels actually pull in - aside from transmission loss and AC300 unit overhead. Would be nice to get this feature - with daily and monthly input history for each PV input.