Is it possible to fully charge AC50S (EU) from 12v car output?


Is it possible to charge the AC50S to 100% from a 12v cigarette lighter output in the car? When I read the specifications it says 16 hours to charge the device under the specifications , but then it says it can only charge the device to 40-50% from 12v output from one of the images on the product page. Appreciate the help :slight_smile:

buongiorno, dipende dalla potenza dell’alternatore, ad esempio il mio alternatore manda circa 110 watt alla batteria con una carica da 0 a 100% in circa 5 ore.

For your reference, 98W 12V car charger port can fully charge AC50S in about 6 hours. Time required: 500wh (capacity of AC50S)/98w=5.1h, plus other losses is about 0.5-1 hours.