Is it possible to achieve 3KW with Rigid Panel with AC500/B300?

Is there a rigid panel on the market that would allow you to achieve the 3000W PV input max given the very real (and very low) volts and amp restrictions??

I can’t find one…

i thought the AC500 PV inputs were 2 times 12V-150V 15A (1500W)?

So you want at sum to 100V Vimp serial and to 15A parallel on each input.

Try Renology 100W, VOC 24.3V, VMP 20.4V. IMP 4.91A, 42" x 21"

5S is 121.5V VOC, 102V VMP so 5S3P is 102V VMP 14.7A or max 1500W

So put 5S3P on each of the 2 inputs for 3000W.

You can also put 5S6P into one input and set the flag to merge the 2 inputs for 3000W.

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I am using the Renogy 550w panels. I have 2 arrays of 3 panels each for a total of 3,300w. I checked with Bluetti customer service and they said it was okay to have the extra wattage. Also, your solar panels will not produce 100% of the stated wattage.

In my configuration, the Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) is pretty close to the 150v limit (149.85), but I have had no problems.

just be careful of cold sunny days, as your voltage increases as the temperature drops. you could go significantly over the limit and fry stuff.

I live in Central Florida, where the temperature is almost always hot. Does the temperature affect the Open Circuit Voltage or just the Optimum Operating Voltage? Or both?

Oh yeah, the Voc increases with cold temperature. I am assuming the AC500 must come with over voltage protection and also some allowance for increase in Voc above 150v. It would be criminal if this isn’t the case.

actually if you look at the limits of the ac500, 15A and 1500W on each PV input, they are targetting a much lower Vimp of 100V * 15A = 1500W. So they want/expect you to use less voltage than a unit that expects a Vimp of 120V (and VOC of up to 150V) so the AC500 unit’s limit of 150V is less of a problem. I would try to get 3 panels of 33V Vimp if you can. Otherwise you may need a manual cutoff switch to use if the weather is ever predicting frost the next morning.

thank you folks. this is helpful.

my understanding is that there is over current protection but not over voltage. you must respect the voltage limits.

So my guess is that I will need to get a voltage regulator just to be on the safe side.

you could re arrange your array to get lower voltage 2s3p instead of 3s2p.

You should get an overvoltage error message if it exceeds the limit, same as someone here when they wired 10 - 100 watt panel in series.