Is it easy to upgrade from AC300 to AC500?

I have an AC300 and a couple of B300 batteries. It feeds a Reliance Pro/Tran2 10-circuit transfer switch via the 30amp 3 prong AC outlet on the AC300. I know the AC500 has this outlet on it as well. I have two strings of solar coming in to charge my AC300. It only runs 120V circuits in the transfer switch. I am not worried about split phase function for 240v. If I were to buy an AC500, could it simply replace my AC300 just to have a bigger inverter? It seems like a no brainer since the AC500 has the 30amp TT-30 outlet on it and that’s the cord feeding my switch to a L14-30 receptacle. But the AC500 manual shows a different plug for the transfer switch. Does this matter if I am only using the single phase 30amp? Just want to make sure I am not overlooking something. Loving the system so far!

Here’s my setup

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@contem4 Thank you for sharing these pictures! The rated current of your original transfer switch is only 30A, and if you upgrade to AC500, the transfer switch should be changed to a larger one.