Is Ebay(UK) an Authorised Dealer? -

Hi Bluetti UK

I have interested to purchase Bluetti produces and found a refurbished from Ebay UK seller - Bluetti Power UK and still offers 2 years warranty? I would like to check if this is an official Bluetti Power Ebay store in UK? below is the link for your reference

Ebay is not a seller, they are a marketplace. You’ll have to see who is the actual seller and whether the actual seller is an authorized dealer.

Get written confirmation that they are, and they are a reputable seller with a ton of recent feedback selling Bluetti stuff.

Bluetti Power UK on eBay seems legit, but you should get written confirmation from Bluetti that they are. It would be better to do it via their service or sales email rather than this community forum here.

I have confirmed with my eBay department colleagues that this is the official EBAY platform of BLUETTI, so please feel free to buy. If you have any further questions, please contact them through eBay Message.

thanks snowstorm advice and Bluetti reply