Is Ebay An Authorized Dealer?

I found a refurbished from Bluetti Direct and says it is certified refurbished. Will Bluetti still warranty that? I will be purchasing if they will. I don’t see them on the dealer list.

@MTBoiler01 Thank you for your interest!
We do have an official store on EBAY. But I don’t know which one you are referring to? Can you give me the link to buy the product or the link to the store?
I will check with my EBAY department colleagues for you.


@MTBoiler01 Thank you for the link. After confirmation, this is our official EBAY store, please feel free to purchase. AC200P is covered by a two-year warranty.

If you cannot reach After sales costumer service if your system fails that you purchased directly from BLUETTI😳GEEZ. Check REDDIT , AMAZON!!! Or just try to call their number to inquire about the product. That will make U decide for your self.GODLUCK

We ordered an AC200MAX and received it today. The AC Charger, and DC cables were in the box with it and nothing else. The wife actually ordered it. She is at work and I unboed the unit. There was no paperwork in the box just the AC200MAX, AC Charger and cables for DC. Any Literature this was a Preowned unit purchased off that the link in this thread. Looks like I have to have the order number for the android app.

@kmon You mean you want to connect AC200MAX via APP right? AC200MAX is supported to connect APP. Please let me know if there is any problem in the process of binding the account

Not sure why but it started working now. The wife got connected when she tried then when she disconnected I was able to connect.