Is a MC4 the same as a Multifunctional DC Charging Cable?

Hi! I just received my first AC300/B300 system and unpacked the boxes. I need to use rigid panels so I could not purchase the Bluetti flexible ones. I am aware I will need to use an MC4 to use rigid panels, is the Multifunctional DC charging Cable the same as an MC4?

The DC charging cable (one end is an aviation plug with 4 pins) that comes with your AC300 includes two pairs of MC4 connectors because the AC300 features two MPPT controllers.

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Hi @TSnow , MC4 is an interface, and the Multifunctional DC charging Cable that comes with the package needs to be connected to the MC4 interface of your solar panel.
It is okay to charge AC300 with rigid panels, but please note that your rigid panels must meet the following conditions.

  1. no micro-inverter
  2. Open circuit voltage range 12-150V
  3. the solar panel has MC4 connector
    Note: When OCV exceeds 150V, BLUETTI D300S should be used to step down the voltage to achieve solar charging.
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