IoT/App connectivity?

I just got a Bluetti AC200 from the IndieGoGo campaign and I love it! I use it to supplement grid power for my day-to-day work. The two solar panels basically even out with a MacBook Pro laptop and one external monitor. Hopefully this doesn’t end up killing the battery! :slight_smile:

To that end, I’d love to be able to monitor the unit from my laptop or smartphone. Knowing things like the PV charging power helps remind me to rotate the solar panels throughout the day, and currently I have to bend over to look under my desk to see it.

Furthermore, I’d love to be able to track how much solar power I’ve harvested, get alerts/updates on battery level, and generally do cool software things (I’m a programmer) with the data I can get from the device! I could even see features like remote operation coming in handy for certain use cases.

What do you think?


The hardware team is developing the App control via WiFi&Bluetooth
, should be available on both iOS and Android, kindly stay tuned.

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Nice! Will this AC200 I have be able to connect via bluetooth?

I am afraid not, all the current models don’t have the hardware module for wireless control.

That’s too bad. Maybe I’ll need to upgrade at some point!

I was thinking of getting a smaller model for day-to-day use, so maybe I’ll get the AC50-equivalent when you add this feature :slight_smile:

Solar trackers are easy to build and your panels will always be facing the sun. We’re not going outside in -60F and many feet of snow to move around solar panels. Good luck!

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@0xD15EA5E I’m interested in learning how to diy a solar tracker myself, you got any suggestions on where to start my journey with that??

Sure, start with the following:

Automatic Solar Tracker
Portable 2-axis Solar Tracker
Solar PV Tracker
Simple Dual-Axis Solar Tracker

And if you decide you’re not into DIY, there are relatively inexpensive options on the market like this:
Dual Axis Solar Tracker Controller Kit


Thank you @0xD15EA5E! I appreciate it

A clever guy on DIYsolarforums is putting together an IoT integration for Bluetti devices

If you can help with logs from your device (he has an AC300 and I have an AC200Max), please contribute - see Monitoring Bluetti Systems | DIY Solar Power Forum

Edit - @chromedshark has actually posted on this forum as well - see here API or Web Server power status - #3 by Chromedshark