Ios app 1.3 bluetooth not working anymore

The previous app was wonderfull in the way I could just connect to bluetooth to check the status of my AC300…

Now, with version 1.3, it seems that an online account is a requirement, and upon registering, the app does not discover my AC300 anymore. A few minutes ago, the old app could connect without problems…
Bluetooth is enabled on both the AC300 and on my iPad, and the app has privileges to access bluetooth in ios settings…

I still have the older app on another device, and it connects without problem, so I must be doing something wrong.

Any help is appreciated.

Side question : Now that you enforce the use of an online account, what would happen if my internet is down ? Will the app still connect ?

I have the same issue on Android. Had to downgrade.

Tap on the Bluetooth icon in the list of devices, not just on the line item. It has to be on the icon itself.

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Upon further investigation, the new app needs a connection to the bluetti server, and so the app does not work at all when not connected to the internet.
What a pitty.

My phone has now also installed the new app with no option to downgrade… so the app became useless to me.

If bluetti would be so kind to include an offline option, that would be very welcome.

Same here, on Android. Woke up this morning, app updated automatically overnight. The app is useless. I have an AC200M at a campsite in a rural area. Tried to create an account but no verification emails came through.

We need the ability to not have to login back.

Dear BLUETTI backers,

Thank you very much for all the useful feedback above. We have submitted it to the relevant APP development department and they are working on it. We hope BLUETTI APP will be improved soon.

If you haven’t updated yet, it is recommended not to update the latest version and use the previous version.

Thanks for your kind understandings.