Invoice for the company (Ukraine)

Good evening,
I want to make a wholesale order and issue it to my company (Ukraine) with delivery to Ukraine (Kyiv).
The form on the website provides for card payment only. How can I receive an invoice from you for payment by details?

I also sent you a letter this morning (09:57) to the contact e-mail, where indicated my contact details for operational communication.

P.s. Also, pls, inform me about additional costs to the price (delivery, taxes in German etc.)

Thanks in advance.


Hi @Gnat , This question requires you to contact our order support department to inquire.
However, due to the current surge in orders sent to Ukraine, orders are in backlog and logistics are under great pressure. The product is also temporarily out of stock.
We suggest that you wait for a while until the product arrives and the logistics are smooth before placing your order.