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Hello, is it ok to connect a 600W solar panel as long as the VOC is withing 12V-60V and input current is 10A?

@bluetti_res408cagmailcom If the VOC falls within the input requirements of the unit you’re going to be using, then yes. You could use it with the device.

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thanks for the clarification. It won’t violate any of the warranty clause, right?

I guess I might be confused… why would it violate any warranty clause?? If your solar panels and its input specs fall within range of whatever unit youre using them with, then you should be good to go. They dont have to be Bluetti branded panels, if that is what you’re kind of asking? They just need to fall within the parameters of the bluetti unit you’re plugging them into.

For example here is the spec sheet for a random single 410w panel from santan solar…

As you can see the VOC is 50.12v and the ISC is 10.45a.. Since the voltage falls within the 12v-60v input requirements of the AC180 unit, you could use the panel. The internal mppt regulations of the power station will only pull the amount of amps that it can handle.. In the case of the AC180, it is limited to 10amps. Meaning, of the 10.45a that the panel listed above can potentially output, the ac180 and its mppt charge controller will limit it to 10amp max. People wire panels in parallel to "over-panel" their arrays, so that it increases the amperage output of their setup, yielding better output numbers.
I HIGHLY recommend tho getting a multi-meter and checking your numbers of your array prior to inputting connections into your power stations as alot of circumstances (such as clouds/ temps) can vary your output numbers drastically. And also.. if you're planning on using such monster panels such as 600w ones.. I would definitely read up on the importance of using in-line fuses to save yourself from some serious issues. Heres a very informative video that I suggest watching.. This guy is fantastic with his videos and has taught me SOO much!

That makes sense. I guess I was just hesitant. Thanks a lot


I am a newbie in the solar industry actually so to clarify, with the spec sheet shown below, the VOC is within range. The Isc is not but it shouldn’t matter right since the 180 will just adjust to get max 10A?

As much as possible I would like to use as few panels as I can.


@bluetti_kennethperomingangmailcom correct! The internal mppt will limit the amperage so in a nutshell… the big thing to worry about when matching panels to power stations, is the voltage. And no worries, please feel free to reach out and ask any questions you might have. We’re all constantly learning and are here for eachother along the way. BTW… I totally understand your thoughts about using less panels but also keep in mind, the sun is always moving and the beauty of using smaller panels and “over-paneling” is that they are able to be moved easier for optimal pv conditions. Now for stationary setups where you plan on leaving them out 24/7 I absolutely would go with rigid panels. But for charging up more portable units like the ac180, a couple smaller portable folding panels are great to have around!

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one of the reasons I want fewer panels (rigid) is because I also saw a few YT videos of ground mounted panels that are adjustable and can track the suns movement. It’s a long way to go but just putting the pieces of the puzzle together. The AC180 was the first piece of the puzzle

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