Introducing the BLUETTI AC50B - Built Tough for Your Adventure! ⚡

:shield:Elevate your power game with the newest BLUETTI AC50B – designed with a sturdy dual-layer outer shell for enhanced durability and impact resistance.

:hammer_and_wrench: It’s not just about toughness on the outside. The AC50B features a solid internal structure and premium-quality components for unmatched reliability and stability.

Power up with confidence, knowing that the user-friendly design AC50B has got your back. :electric_plug:

Stay tuned for its upcoming release on BLUETTI Amazon official! :star2:
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Yet another solid looking unit to go along with the AC SERIES fantastic work again Bluetti have you added WiFi connection to this one or is it still just bluettitooth?
Do you have a release date for the uk yet?

@Ktt Thanks for your interest :blue_heart:
Low-power devices are primarily used for short-term outdoor activities or emergencies at home, where users are typically close to the product. To maximize cost-effectiveness, we chose to implement Bluetooth control.
AC50B is about to be launched in the US and Japanese markets, and is expected to be launched in the European and UK markets in early August. :)